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Full Version: Confusing Navigation and notification bar option names
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In regard to the options :
'Hide the navigation bar' (if running Honeycomb or later, the navigation bar will be dimmed)
'Fullscreen mode' (hides the notification bar at the top of the screen)
I am having difficulty grasping what the options are exactly supposed to do, and where they are supposed to have effect and where not.
I have been playing around with them on a HP slate 21 upgraded to android 4.4 and this is what I saw happening
With 'Hide the navigation bar' checked (and 'Fullscreen mode' unchecked) :
- Both Navigation and Notification bar are shown in library screens, song edit screen, annotations editor  . . . .
- BOTH are NOT displayed when displaying a song.
So while the option name only mentions the navigations bar, the notification bar is ALSO affected but only when viewing a song. Which is confusing.
* when returning from the song edit screen with the BACK in the Navigation bar, the title bar is partly hidden by the notifification bar, which is a small error.
With 'Fullscreen mode' checked  (and 'Hide the navigation bar' unchecked):
- The Navigation bar IS shown and notification bar is NOT shown in all screens (song view, library view . . . ) as far as I can tell.
So while the option name states 'full screen', it only seems to affect notifiations bar (but this time on all screens), which again is confusing
I have no idea if, what I am seeing is the intended effect, but if it is, the option names could maybe be replaced by something like the following
Current 'Hide the navigation bar' => 'Hide Navigation and Notification bars in song view'
Current 'Full screen mode" => "Hide notifiation bar on all views"
With both the current  'Fullscreen mode'  AND 'Hide the navigation bar' checked, a number of things are starting to go wrong. Screens (Songs view and library views) somethimes beeing displayed with Nav bar and sometimes without. I'd be happy to post details about this in a different (error)post if useful.
'notification bar' is the bar at the top of the screen. On my tablet it shows the time and a number of icons showing if WLAN or Bluetooth is active, battary status, new mails... Tablets from other manufacturers or other Android versions might be be slightlly different.'Navigation bar' means the bar at the bottom of the screen that contains the 'home' and the 'back' button. Both bars are provided by the Android system and are outside the MS window. This is why the settings are located under 'System'.
Could it be the case that you mixed it up with some MS navigation elements?
Hmm, I don't think so.
Are you using these options yourself and are you seeing other things happening than what I describe ?
Pls take a look at the attached screenshot.
In 'Display Settings - System Settings' there are three checkboxes:
1. Dim the Navigation Bar
If this is ON (checked) the three symbols on the Navigation Bar disappear after some seconds, the Navigation Bar turns completely black. Nevertheless the buttons stay usable and react instantly when tapped.
This setting is valid for all MS views.
I'm always using 'Dim the Navigation Bar' OFF, I prefer seeing the buttons all the time
2. Hide the Navigation Bar
If this is ON, the Navigation Bar disappears as soon as a song is opened. A swype from the top of the screen makes it visible and usable for some seconds, the Notfication Bar appears together with the Navigation Bar, even if it is switched OFF. In the library views, this setting has no effect.
I'm always using 'Hide the Navigation Bar' OFF, I prefer seeing the buttons all the time
3. Fullscreen Mode
If this is ON, the Notification Bar is not shown as long as MS is open
I'm always using 'Fullscreen Mode' ON, in MS I want to use as many of the tablet's screen as possible for displaying my scores.
IMHO it is clearly explained in the manual, the only thing that is missing there is, that 'Hide the Navigation Bar' is only effective in case a song is opened.
'Kitkat' means Android 4.4, see
so 'Hide the Navigation Bar' probably won't work on your tablets
Thanks for the feedback. You are right that I should specify that the dim/hide navigation bar settings only apply to the song view, while the fullscreen mode applies to every screen in the application. I don't seem to encounter any problems on my Nexus 10 though. It seems to behave the way it should.
Itsme, thanks for you detailed explanation. It confirms, that you are seeing what I am seeing.

Mike, no probleem. It just feels strange to me, to have an option called 'full screen' and another option named to hide just one thing which provides an even 'fuller' screen. But thats just me.
About the situation where both options are ticked, I will open another (error)post with a scenario, as it is a repeatable issue.

The problem is that older devices don't support the "Hide the Navigation Bar" option. That was only added in KitKat. So for these users, the full screen option is the only way to hide the status bar at the top of the screen. Due to the way the immersive mode works, I don't think it's very desirable on the library screen, as having access to the back button is important. Many people (myself included) do want to hide the status bar though at all times. While it's a tad confusing, i do think it makes sense to have both options.