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Full Version: Backup from MS Pro won't restore to 'original' MS?
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I am having a problem with MS Pro going to a blank page.

As a temporary fix I am trying to restore the backup library from MS Pro into the original MS app.

However, after about 15 songs I get a message on teh tablet screen saying 'The backup file seems to be invalid' .

Then ' Error: invalid message received from PC. Ignoring message.

The restore continues but when completed nothing will load onto the tablet screen. The full song list seems to be there, just nothing will load.

Are the two systems totally incompatible?
Probably answering my own question here.

It restored 15 songs, but the first time it came to a song that I had put on recently, using MS Pro it hit the snag I mentioned.

So it seems, the two systems are not compatible.

I think I will have to reload all the song pdf's one by one, ah well !!
I am pretty certain that, some time ago, a discussion about MSPro (during the early beta phase) also revealed that backup files could only be forwards compatible, not backwards.
Thanks Graeme, it appears so. I have reloaded them individually via the companion and will do a separate backup for each system.
Yes - seems the best approach.