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Full Version: Sizing and cropping
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I save my PDF music files in A5 Landscape format, and need to see the whole page on a 10.1-inch screen. However, when the page is pretty well filled with music it doesn't all fit so I need to reduce the overall visible size by about 10%. if possible, I would like to do this with all my files in one go; that is, re-set the default screen view to something a bit smaller.   I've tried to follow all the instructions about cropping, but can't get MSPro to do what I want.   I'm obviously missing some obvious step.  Can someone please offer an idiot's guide to the process?
Further to previous post. . . .
I have MSPro on an older 10" tablet (that I want to replace with the better one) and the A5 landscape pages fit the visible screen space very well: i.e. not losing some of the text into a hidden margin. Why can't I get the MSPro installed on the new tablet to show the same view?
(NB: Old tablet: Yarvik (sic) New tablet: Asus)