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Full Version: Copy song, next page in PDF
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Is changing the page order (number) working correctly?
I am splitting up a multi page PDF, with one song per page.
My process is to Copy the (previous) song and change the page order number to the next page number. I would have thought the page view then would change to this next page after pressing ok, but it does not. Should it?
Your workflow is correct and MSP works as expected that way, except the issue that the preview is not updated after the page order has been changed. Until that issue is fixed, you have to close the song editor window and save your changes. As soon as you reopen the song you can see the new, changed page.
Ok thanks. I also found I could put a number range in starting on the next page (the one I only want) hyphen, then the next page after that, so for page 4 put 4-5, ok, then delete all but the 4.
Unfortunately as others have posted, if the next song is more than 1 page but you do not know how many forward, you have to guess a number and amend it again.
Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon.
I open the PDF in a PDF reader and look up how many pages belong to the song - no guessing, just switching between two apps
Thanks, yes I could do this.
I've finally fixed the bug with the preview not updating after changing the page range.