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Full Version: Placeholders
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Mike, as you know, I've been playing around with Placeholders.

Personally, I don't have a lot of use for them, but I have been using them to split sets up and as a prompt for introducing the band members (useful if I've only just been told their name/s) - stuff like that.

At the moment, they tend to look just like another song title. Would it be possible to title a Placeholder in a different colour, to make them stand out when looking at a setlist? Just the text would do, not necessarily the background.

If it's hassle, forget I ever mentioned it Wink .
How do you fill the empty page? using annotations?
I use ChordPro files for similar purposes that I edit on the tablet using Jota editor.
And I mark them as e.g. "notes" or "set separators" by giving them specific source types.
I make "Source Types" visible by configuring them into the subtitles.
That works for me but I'm always interested how other peaople do it.
Yes - I use the textbox mode in Annotations for entering text on the Placeholder page. I can make the text whatever colour I want. What I would really like to do is to make the Placeholder title a different colour, so it's easier to pick out when looking at a setlist.
Unfortunately, this one is a little bit tricky. Placeholders are really no different than a regular song - I just create a song with a blank page. This makes it difficult for me to distinguish a placeholder from any other song. What I would need to do is add a new setting that could be applied to any song that lets you choose what color the song title should be in the setlist window. Would you also want the song title colored differently on the library screen?

I had a feeling it might be a bit on the tricky side Smile . If it's a hassle then I'm sure you have better things to turn your mind towards.

If you do decide to do something, then it wouldn't worry me greatly if it were the same colour on the library screen, but I would like it to be different on the setlist screen (which really takes us full circle, since I imagine it's a case of all or nothing!

At the moment, I'm adding a coloured emoticon to the Placeholder name and that works well enough for me to distinguish it from ordinary song titles - but that may not work on other tablets.
Different title colours in the lists would be a nice feature. Not essential but nice to have.
@Mike: what about a new "text colour" or "background colour" setting for song titles which is completely independent from placeholders. If it could be set for any song everybody could use it for his/her specific needs
@GraemeJ: How did you add these "coloured emoticon" that you mentioned?
It was easy to do, using my Samsung P900, as the keyboard has a specific set of emoticons. 

My other tablets do not have this, so it may not be possible with all tablets.  I haven't tried restoring the current backup (which is the only one with the emoticons) to my Colorfly, but I did try it on my little 7" BOGO - too small for music, but useful for checking things like this out - and the emoticon is missing entirely.  My best guess is it's only going to work on the Samsung, hence my original question - to make it work across a range of devices.