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Full Version: Debugging a BT pedal
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I still experience some problems with my Firefly when connected via bluetooth. Does anyone know a tool (app) that runs in the background and will produce a timestamped log of all bluetooth HID events while it is in operation?
I need to find out whether I have a defective unit, or what else.
After running several tests I now have solid proof that the Firefly is misbehaving.
At random times it generates a keycode 129 (scancode 161). This code is understood to be a "CD Eject" command. When connected to my laptop, it does, indeed, eject the CD.
Most of the time this code is generated immediately after a pedal press. When the Firefly goes to sleep, and a pedal is pressed, keycode 129 is sent instead of the expected pedal key, which may confuse the software. (As it did in earlier versions os MobileSheetsPro.)
Since keycodes 129 are sent sometimes while pressing pedals, it can not be the 30-minute inactivity timer.
If noone else has a misbehaving Firefly I must conclude that mine is defective and I will trade it in for a BT-106.
Nice work on tracking that down. It definitely seems that the Airturn pedals are higher quality, as I don't hear about nearly as many issues with them. There is absolutely no pressure, but if you follow this link when buying an Airturn pedal, it helps me out, as I'm an affiliate:


I would like to believe that Airturn makes a better product, but reading reviews like
make me hesitate. In particular the ATFS-2 pedals get a lot of critical notes.

As for the affiliation: I would be pleased to support you by buying the airturn like you indicated, but buying an overseas product (I'm in the Netherlands) is cumbersome, slow, and expensive. In case something goes wrong and the unit has to be returned it becomes even more expensive due to shipping costs. Moreover, shops in Europe usually give 3 years of warranty.
So nothing personal but I'd rather stick to local shops.
No worries - I just put that out there in case it was convenient.