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Full Version: 1.13 Page slider now showing up when just title bar is displayed
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With the option 'page slider visibility' set to 'shown with overlay', the page slider now shows when 'allways displaying title bar', even when the overlay itself is not displayed
I cannot reproduce this problem. Are you sure the page slider is set to "Shown with Overlay" and not "Always"? I only ask because I think I've tried every combination of options, and the slider is behaving normally.

Yes I am sure about the option.
Yesterday it appeared after installing 113 on HP slate21. This morning it appeared also on my Samsung T900 after installing 114, where I don't have have the 'allways show titlebar' option checked.

I never used the slider option before. At a moment I thought it was new ....

Did some more tests on the slate and it seems a come and go issue
I seem to be able to trigger it on HP and Samsung by
- setting the option to 'hidden'
- quitting MSPro
- starting MSP and directly . . .
- setting the option to 'show with overlay'
- display a song. And it will show
Thanks - that information was perfect. I'll get it fixed.