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Full Version: Text file settings - defaults
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As currently implemented, the default text display settings are stored in MSPro settings on the tablet. That is good, since different tablets may have different defaults due to different screen sizes.
When a ChordPro song is imported into MSPro the default settings are stored (copied) in the database entry for that song. Changing text settings for a song affect the information in the database only. So far so good.
Now someone with a 20" tablet shares me a song to my poor 10.1" tablet. I import the .msf file and I get the song with the display settings of a 20" tablet, which is much too large. So I'll be a bit occupied getting the settings right to get a good display.
I'd like to consider two ways to deal with this situation more elegantly and quickly.
First, in the text display settings dialog, a button "Apply Defaults" to quickly change all settings to the tablet defaults.
Second, more work but very powerful, allow each of the settings to be marked as default, so that the actual tablet defaults are used for this setting.