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Full Version: import seems to be broken in v1.1.5
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To be specific, import via clicking on a local file that would normally fire up MS & bring up the edit song panel. This no longer happens. The screen goes blank for a bit and then Android reports that MS has stopped (screen shot).

I can import from within the app but the chordPro fields are still not getting parsed. Perhaps all of this is due to the new parsing of the chordPro fields that was referenced in this thread. (but that's just a guess)
I have a fix in place for the error while importing from the outside the app - I will release it tonight. The chord pro changes were unfortunately responsible for this. Chord pro parsing was only added for the song editor (oversight on my part). I'm adding it to the other import types as well.

no worries, thanks for the quick response. Better parsing is well worth a little hiccup! ;-)