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Full Version: Missing "Convert PDF to images"
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I am missing the function "Convert PDF to images" from the green Companion in the Pro-Companion.
Yeah, I haven't added that capability yet. It's on my list of things to do.
Thank you!
Hello, it disappeared also from the "modify song" screen on the tablet !!! (The icon with a little square connected by arrows to other squares).
For me it is really a problem, because I have many PDFs to input, most with a regular size, but also many with a high resolution from initial scanning, and these ones last many seconds to appear on the screen with the original resolution. During a gig it is not usable ! With last version, in this case, I had just to press the dedicated icon in the song menu, and it was fixed ! After conversion the files open instantaneously. I was very happy with the software that replaces now for me tons of paper sheets, and I upgraded thinking it was a good thing to do, but I am a bit disappointed, I have now to use additional software (maybe the converter in the options menu), but also to restart the import process from the start, or did I miss something ?
Generally speaking, it is a problem to decide to remove functionalities from a widely used software, even if they look secondary, in fact one don't really knows how the end user actually uses the software and what is important for him. But maybe the "magic button" will come back soon ?