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Full Version: Duplication of songs
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I just used Companion pro to load a few more songs. The 'no duplicates' was checked, got them anyway. A popup came up that had 3 choices, top one was use original bottom one was over write [default] I selected the top one expecting it to leave the original on the tablet. I'm a bit confused now on how to keep from loading duplicates.
The companion doesn't currently have the same capabilities for detecting identical files as the tablet. The reason is that I do a CRC check on files on the tablet so that I can identify when a file exactly matches another file. The companion doesn't have the ability to do this, so it can't really identify when something is truly a duplicate, or just happens to have the same path as the target destination file path. The dates on the files will be different, unlike on the tablet where the creation date for two identical files would most likely be the same. Thus, if you import a file that matches on path but nothing else, it will let you choose what to do about the conflict instead of ignoring it. I probably should add an "ignore file" option at the very least.

One option I could use to enhance this is to have the companion ask the tablet if the file size of the new file matches the existing file, and if so, go an extra step, and have the tablet calculate a CRC and send this back to the companion which would calculate a CRC on its file. If the CRCs match, then I could ignore the duplicate file just like I would on the tablet.

Thanks for the info Mike. I would suggest that the simplest, 'ignore file', would probably be best. That's also what I would expect as it's the same thing that happens on copy functions in other programs.