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Full Version: Thicken Sheet Lines
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I often have the problem, that at some sheets the lines are to thin to be displayed correct, especially in the landscape mode (see attached pictures: upright_format_01 and landscape_format_01) because of the tablets pure video resolution. (But I need at least a 13.3" tablet because my sheets are so far away as I play a vibraphon and my eyes aren't young anymore.)

I tried to solve this problem using Adope Photoshop. I added the sheets content a second time on the same sheet, but shifted one pixel right and one pixel down from the original position.
The attached picture landscape_format_modified is showing the result: on the left I did one-time adding/shifting, on the right sheet I did two times adding/shifting.

Might it be possible to do this doubling and shifting of sheets directly in MobilesheetsPro, maybe even several times?

(I know, that I could have got better results by cutting the sheets, but this is just an example!)
Question: are you currently zooming at all with that score, or do the lines not show up correctly with no zoom? I only ask because if lines are showing up correctly in the original, but they don't show up very well in MS Pro, that sounds like it may be due to problems with scaling.
I am not sure, what you mean. Therefore I have attached a word document with the results of different view settings and the original sheet.
I am surprised that the view results are the same on the 13.3" POV and the Smasung Tab. I thought that should be different acoording to the screen resolution.

Thanks for the word doc. What I was referring to was zooming that occurred from pinch zooming. If you never pinch zoomed, and are still seeing problems with how the song is rendered, you can always try applying a very minor amount of zooming to see if it fixes the disappearing lines (assuming the problem is related to scaling).

Are these files PDF files or image files? You mentioned Adobe Photoshop, so I'm assuming image files. I believe image files are more prone to this kind of error than PDFs in MS Pro. If you can send me one of the example files that is causing problems for you, I can start investigating if there is anything I can do to provide a higher quality rendering.

(06-08-2015, 03:41 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]Are these files PDF files or image files? 
There is the same behavior with pdf or png files. I tested different versions of the same sheet:
  • original pdf 25KB (I think it was created from capllea)
  • png created by Photoshop from the pdf (31 KB)
  • png created by Mobilsheet Companion from the pdf (248 KB)
The behaviour is always the same on both tablets 13.3" und 10.2".
It seems to be a problem of sharp lines zooming. I tried to show and mark the problems in the attached word-dokument (2 pages).

At least I have found a solution for my use: I have to store all pdf- or png-sheets as "minimum file size".
If these are stored as "best quality" I loose notation lines and bar lines in MSP landscape mode.
I'm very confused - looking at the word document, it looks like "Best quality" provides a better result. Am I missing something, or did you mean that you now have to save everything as "Best quality"?