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Full Version: Drawing Straight Unbroken Lines
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I am having a tough time drawing straight unbroken lines.  Its true my tablet is not great with this.

But, there should be a way that I can start the start point and run down to the end point and a striaght line will be draw from the start point to the end point (the line won't have break points) even though I did not draw it perfectly straight.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, did we ever get a way to have an arrow at the end of the line?

You mean that 1) tap on the starting location, 2) gently swipe to the ending location, and 3) lift your finger doesn't work for you?
DId you select line drawing mode from the drawing menu?
The easiest way to draw straight lines (or rectangles) is to change the drawing mode as Johan suggested.
It seems to be working now. I must have been doing something wrong.