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Full Version: Navigation bar dropped in library screens after song edit
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On Hp slate 21 under android 442
With the option 'hide navigation bar' checked

Start MSPro
Navigation bar is shown on the library screens (ok)
Long press a song and select edit
Edit screen is shown, navigation bar is shown (ok)
Press 'ok' or 'cancel' or back
Library screen is displayed but Navigation bar is now gone!
It takes a restart of MS Pro to have it back
I am still experiencing the above issue. (currently MS Pro 118)
Am I the only one? (maybe no-one else uses the option 'hide navigation bar'?)
It is very easy to reproduce, following the steps in the original post.

Thanks for looking in to this.
I'm not sure why the bar is being dimmed or hidden (depending upon the settings) after exiting the song editor. I'll look into why this happening and get it fixed for the next update.

I have this issue fixed now. Sorry for how long it took me to address it.

No problem, we all know you have A LOT on your plate. Thanks for the fix!