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Full Version: Active Stylus / S-PEN
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not sure if I have missed a recent discussion, but I would very much appreciate a better S-PEN integration for my Note pro.

Some ideas:
- auto switch to edit mode with predefined pen and color when S-PEN is removed (and back when entered)
- disable touch entries when S-PEN is used
- erase with button

These have been discussed before.
- auto switch to edit mode -- edit mode can now be enabled with a three-finger tap which I must say I do like (and use) a lot. Often I have the pen lying beside the tablet so it is dead easy to start note taking.
- disable touch entries when S-PEN is used -- for this, enable stylus mode in the extended edit dropdown on the edit mode screen. Since I always use the stylus for notes I have this permanently enabled.
- erase with button -- that would be nice, indeed
Perfect, Johan. I have not been aware of #1 and #2. This will make life easier...