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Full Version: Create PDF-file from setlist
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May be this function already exists and I only don't know how to do.
It would be comfortable to create a common print file (pdf) with all songs of a setlist.

I always fear somethng could happen to my tablet during jobs. That's why I print all songs of the list as backup.

  • this could be a companion function
  • including annotation (option)
There are a number of feature requests that all depend upon the same thing - the ability for me to create and edit PDF files. Once the code for this is in place, I will be able to do this. I spent a good chunk of time today looking into this, and I believe I may have a solution that will work. I'm trying out an affordable PDF library right now (Aspose PDF) that has fairly easy-to-use features for manipulating documents. If it works well for create/merging/splitting documents and writing out annotations, I will buy a license and get these features added in no time.

Mike - I feel for you - it's never-ending, isn't it Smile .
Aspose was a big waste of time. Their latest version wouldn't even create a blank PDF, so I downloaded the previous verison which worked but was very slow. It also causes some other major headaches with my build environment that I won't get into. I'm now trying RadaeePDF - hopefully their library will work better so that I can start adding this functionality ASAP.
(06-14-2015, 09:09 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]Aspose was a big waste of time. ...
Thank you for your efforts!
To create PDF-files seems to be pretty difficult.
As a first step you could use the screenshot function of android and then combine several screenshots to a multi-picture-jpg-file. That is actually the way I create my "SOS print file".

If this would be done automatically, regarding to the setlists sort order (may be cutting the black edge region), this would be an advantage.
I have decided to stick with RadaeePDF - I already bought a license and have it working in MS Pro. I still have a lot of validation to go through though in ensuring that nothing has been broken. This PDF library makes it easy to create PDFs, edit them, split them, add annotations of all types, etc. So far, it's also much faster than the previous library I was using, and seems to be using less memory. This is going to open up a lot of possibilities, but I have a lot of work ahead of me...

I should be able to easily create a PDF out of a setlist using this new library, so once I have finished integrating it and have tested all of the different parts of the application, I can work on adding this functionality. I will essentially just join together PDF files, and if images or text/chord pro files are used, I will draw the same image to the new PDF that I would normally draw to the screen.

This sounds very good!
Thank you Mike!
MSP is fantastic and I think you are doing a great job!
Thank you, I appreciate the support and feedback!
BTW - do you know ?
Things have to be tested Smile
Looks like they require a license for commercial use. I would hope that RadaeePDF ensures that their PDFs are valid, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to run through some tests to be absolutely sure.
I'll be happy to test.
I'll be happy too.  Wink
Hi Mike,
MSP is genial and exactly what I searched for a long time.
The only two points I’m missing is editing text files and export pdf files.
Most of my songs are chordpro files and some pdf sheets.

If you need support by testing pdf export or printing, I’ll appreciate to test for you on my Sony Xperia Z2.

Thanks Mike !
Hi Mike. I don't know if this is related but all of our music is scanned single PDF sheets that need to be merged into songs. We could do it easily in the "forscore" app on the iPad. Is there a way to merge songs without this PDF app your talking about?

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