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Full Version: Forum Moderation
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Occasionally this forum is hit by spam. Does this forum software have the ability to automatically moderate the first post of a new user?
Whether or not the software allows this, I don't know. If it does (and it probably has something like this, it's a very comprehensive bit of software) then it's not activated. Only an Admin (meaning, in this case, Mike) would be able to change this, not a Moderator, or even a Super Moderator

Personally, unlike some forums I frequent, I don't think spam here really worth bothering about. There are not that many spam posts - to date, we have dealt with 18 this month. Most of them are fairly innocuous and not likely to offend - and they get cleared out very quickly. Both Mike and I visit the forum regularly (at least twice a day in my case, often a lot more) and any spam post is instantly removed, the user account deleted and the user banned (one click is all it needs). In fact, most of them are never even reported, as they get sorted before legitimate users even see them.
The moderators are making a good job. Thank you very much. All spam posts that I ever noticed disappeared very quickly.
At the moment, Graeme is the only moderator, so hats off to him for his help in controlling the spam. If the spam increases at any point, I may ask if any other users want to become moderators as well, but for now, I think it's all under control.
Mike and I are on opposite sides of the pond (and I'm a late night person - it's 3:50 CET here). One way and another, we have virtually 24/7 coverage and the few spam posts that do turn up rarely exist for more than a couple or three hours.