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Full Version: Slow pageturning in a not too big file
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Hi there,

I got a big band score which is too slow to work with on my Hannspree tablet with Mobilesheets Pro.
Every time I want to go to another page in the score by tapping on the right side of the tablet in landscape mode, it will be black for about 2 or 3 seconds which is very long in a fast song! It doesn't happen with every page turn but way too often and also with "Bladwijzers" (what is the English word for this?) which I've made in this song to quickly jump to a coda.
The file is 18 pages long and  873Kb in size.
I've attached the score here so maybe anybody can try it on his/her tablet and see if the same behavior persists?
Thanks for any advise.
Wouter Kluck
No tips or pointers?
Anybody tried it with my attached pdf file?
Wouter Kluck
Did you try turning off wifi?
I tested your tune.
But first I used the green MS-Companion to convert pdf to images.
Changing pages is less than 1 second, jumping from "To Coda" to "Coda" is about one second.

I think my PointOfView is similar to your Hannspree.
I don't know what's happening with your file but I can confirm there is a problem. I uploaded it to my 13" Azpen and found the issue as you described. I can turn three or four pages ok then it hangs for a brief time. It's fairly repeatable.

I don't think its a file size issue as I have several individual tunes that are 2-3 X your file size (pdf's) and have no problem with them. I don't think you should have to convert to images altho I'm sure it would help. Sorry....can't offer any advice.
I just tried the pdf on a nook hd + and samsung p900 note pro. no problem
Hi everybody,
Sorry for my late reply. I was on holiday. Smile
Thanks for all the replies. Some of you experience the same problem as I have with the file and one of you (SKip) didn't.
I rescanned the score with completely different settings and now it is much smaller and it makes the page turns alright.
So I guess it is a processor/memory issue.
It is hard to find the right scan settings in some case.
Thanks for all the help!