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Full Version: Save display mode(s) with sheets
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Actual situation:
1 page sheets I use in portrait orientation
2 page sheets I use in landscape orientation (double page mode) or portrait orientation (single page mode). This is done automatically by MSP according to the tablets position (Super !).
Therefore my default options is set to double page mode.

Sometimes I have music sheets (one or more pages) that have been written in landscape orientation. They need to be shown in landscape orientation in single page mode, otherwise I see only half of two pages.
Switching from a "normal" song to a "landscape" song therefore needs to change the display mode.

It would be more comfortable to save the display mode (double page / single page) with the songs sheet.
This was previously requested, and I am going to do it at some point, but I need to set it up so that's easy to specify default display modes for songs, but also support overriding the defaults for specific songs. I definitely don't want to force users to have to specify the display mode per song if they have a preferred default.
Thank you.