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Full Version: Support a {genre:} tag in chordpro format
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I find that I generally maintain/edit my master list of chordpro files on my computer (due to the larger monitor size and easier editing). I generally edit a bunch of songs in an editing session and then want to upload my work. The simplest way I've found to load these onto the tablet has been to use the companion, to do a bulk delete, and then a bulk import. I want to tag my songs with genre when I import, and currently the easiest way to do this is to have a different directory for each genre, and import each directory separately. I'd find the batch import process more convenient if the system would understand a {genre:} tag in the chordpro file format, which would allow me to avoid the need for several directories and several batch imports to load the files to the tablet.


Sure, I can add support for this. I've added an issue to track it here:

Do I need yet another username/password for the bugzilla?
Unfortunately, yes, because I do not know of a way to tie together myBB and bugzilla.