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Full Version: Using Dropbox
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If I have a folder called PDF in my dropbox app, and I import a song into mobilesheets from it. Will the song stay in mobilesheets even when the internet is turned off? I'm concerned that dropbox won't be in sync and then the song will disappear out of mobilesheets...
Yes, unless you change the options, MobileSheets makes copies of files you import by default, so you are fine without an internet connection.

Dropbox also creates a local version of your files. /sdcard/Android/data/ On my tablet. This was the same for both of my tablets.
Oh okay, thank you both!
You can't rely on the dropbox local version of a file always being there unless you mark that file as a favorite. It's a scratch area and the data there is temporary. That's why they buried it so deep in the file system.
Yes it will be available on the internet if it's fully synced. All these files which are already synced they can be accessed any time you want.