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Full Version: MobileSheets v4.0.6 Released
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I am happy to announce the release of v4.0.6 of MobileSheets. This update is another round of bug fixes, with a few added extra features. The changes are as follows:

- Fixed issues with pedal scroll modes not working correctly
- Fixed issue with files no longer loading while using Dropbox from Song Editor
- Fixed issue with input box showing multiple times if changing annotation text size from floating window
- Fixed issues with various settings not taking effect after being changed
- Fixed various issues with language switching
- Fixed possible freezes while switching to annotations mode
- Added ability to load all songs under an artist, album or genre. Tap and hold, then select Load All Songs
- Tapping a song in the collection editor that is already in the collection now removes that song
- Fixed issue with potential black screen while using intelligent smooth scrolling

Thanks everyone for all of the bug reports. It really makes a huge difference having your feedback.