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Full Version: Support for large screen Tablets
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I just bought you app and it works great! I have a couple of suggestions on how to make it even more useful, though, for me at least, but Smile
I use it on a 22 inch (landscape mode of course) table ( but for it to be really useful I have these wishes:

1. to be able to control page layout, on this screen size it's obvious to have 2 "A4" pages side by side. This should be an optional default.

2. To be able to turn pages in 2 ways when viewing a file 2 pages at a time: A. Viewing page 1+2 and pressing "turn pages" should switch to page 3+4, and B. Viewing page 1+2 and pressing "turn pages" should switch to page 2+3... both being very useful!

3. if possible several other page layouts for large screen tablets, like 2x2 with PDF-files originally in landscape, overviews with 3x2, 4x2 etc...

4. this is probably hard... but a lot of the freely available sheets ( for instance) sometimes have too much spare whitespace meaning that viewing it optimally requires quite a lot of zooming in/out. If an automatic cropping function, with optional configurable white-margin, was there it would be fantastic...

Please excuse me if these things are already implemented in some way, but I have not found them...

Best regards and thanks for a fantastic app

Morten, Denmark
1, 2 and 4 are already planned and work is in progress on them. I hadn't really planned on 3, but with the new architecture I'm implementing, it wouldn't be too difficult to add support for this.

Thanks for the feedback,