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What is the portal for on the home page anyone? 
Not sure if I got your question right.
Are you looking for
Thanks for reply.
No. I was actually asking about the forum. When I go to the zubersoft site I see the portal. Is this just a random selection of posts? What's the criteria for a post shown on the portal?
I'm actually not sure what drives that. I use MyBB for the forums and the duende theme, so I'm not sure what criteria is used for that page.
Did the forum site get hijacked?
When I come from the official website and click onto the forum tab the next screen is:

This site is offering a social app for MobileSheets called "tapatalk".
Is that a sare application? Is it maleware? What is mobiquo?
How can I switch off the commercial screen?

(08-18-2015, 08:00 PM)XNachthorn Wrote: [ -> ]Did the forum site get hijacked?
How can I switch off the commercial screen?


I don't think it's been hi-jacked.  More likely Mike is getting a little revenue from the advertisement.

I don't think it's possible to turn it off - but wait a few seconds and you're automatically re-directed to the forum.

"Tapatalk connects you to people who share your own passions and interests."

Mobiquo is part of Tapatalk "Apparently it blindly tries to POST "/mobiquo/mobiquo.php" on every web page you visit with Chrome to see if it is a tapatalk compatible forum. When it is the case it can retrieve new messages and show a notification."

Personally, I try and avoid these types of apps, they're mainly geared to extracting as much personal information as they can, in order to drive direct advertising engines.
I don't get any revenue from tapatalk. I just had users request that I add it to the forum, so I set it up. I'm not sure if there is a way to disable it or make it optional per user. You could check your profile page to see if there is an option for disabling it...

If people by and large do not like the tapatalk integration, I can remove it from the forum.

I gave it a try and had the Tapatalk app for some time on my tablet. I found it not useful at all, so I removed it again.
Today, motivated by this thread, I searched "Tapatalk" in the web and found that recently (June 2015) security problems were reported about Tapatalk's "Trending" feature that reads user data from forums and sends them to Tapatalk servers.
Alas most of my findings are in German, the only post that is at least partly in English is this one:
My personal opinion: throw it out
A very quick search found this - .

It's this sort of thing that makes me very wary of anything that is supposed to make my life easier Smile . If the report is true, then my advice to Mike would be to remove it.
Another search found this - .
I'll go ahead and remove tapatalk then.
Probably the best thing to do.