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Full Version: pdf cropping
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I've tried various routes to crop my pdf scores. Occasionally some do crop but most of the time I set it all up applying it to one page, all pages etc but it simply resets back to the original size with no crop.
Anyone else have this bother or perhaps there is some setting that I'm missing which is preventing it from cropping? 
from memory you have to press OK / Save or something like that more times than you think. So its quite easy to make a change, come out and find its not saved. So if you go back into it and look very carefully on each screen for an OK that might help
Its not happening for me. I select the editor>Files and then set the crop area. Set 'APPLY TO Current page only' and ok. Then press OK and the editor goes back to 'Files' and shows the uncropped thumbnail. Strange!
You will want to make sure you change the "Apply to" setting before changing the crop area, as any changes you make to the crop area are applied to all pages immediately depending upon the "Apply To" setting. Your cropping should definitely show up in the thumbnail immediately though.
I've tried all sorts of various combinations of altering settings. I've tried lots of different scores, some of which I'm sure I haven't even opened at all before.
When I'm in the annotations editor if I press the 'auto crop' button then the score is cropped accordingly. If I press the crop symbol just above and then select 'auto crop' in the top blue border and then 'ok', the score is not cropped. Whatever way I try though it is not possible to do a manual crop. I used to be able to do crops so some setting, probably, must have changed.
The screen kind of hiccups after I press ok as if some setting is overriding it.  Sad
I manual crop this way: Select the song in the main library>tap the screen center to bring up the overlay screen components>tap the 2 mountain icon at the bottom left>select the 'crop' option. This brings up the screen with the tune page surrounded by blue lines. Each line in the border is movable at the square spots. I position the lines where I want them then select ok.
Yes, tried that as well but when I finally press ok it resets.
I've tried again with the mountain icon and after I set the crop points and ok it, the editor simply closes and goes back to the main menu of all the scores.
Something is not right.
Ok. I cleared one of mine and re did it, a multi page one this time. When you get to the screen that has the blue borders, look at the top left, the number of pages and the current page is shown. Look at the bottom of the same page, there is an arrow [pointer] that will turn the pages. After adjusting the page borders click on the pointer and do the next page until you finish then press the ok. If all the pages are pretty consistent you can chose an 'apply to all pages in file' [top of screen under 'apply to'] to do multiple pages at once [don't have to turn pages]. The default is one page at a time. When you press ok, you tell the app you're finished cropping that file/page.
Yes, Ive tried exactly that with single and multiple page documents. No joy though. Also powered down tablet and rebooted.
Maybe a delete and re-installation of MSpro? After a backup of course. Smile

Have you updated to Android 5.0.1/2? I'm using the same device as you are with 4.4.2.
I've checked the version to be 4.4.2
I made a backup and stored it in 'My Documents'. I then uninstalled MSpro with the playstore, checked it had gone and then reinstalled it. I then restored the backup. (A bit unnerving!)
I then picked a file I hadn't been in before and tried to crop it. After oking the crop it reverted back to no crop.

I did notice the auto crop button does work and does not cause the image to revert back to no crop. If I alter the auto crop selection with the blue handles in the slightest way then the crop reverts back to no crop once I ok it.

For the majority of the scores then auto crop is fine so I can live with this and hopefully it will sort itself out in some new versions.
I don't use the auto crop option [other than what the default settng is], just the manual, with no auto crop involved. I did try the aggressive crop a few times but still prefer the manual crop.
Backup gets a bit better [less scary] after awhile, at least it did for me. Smile