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Full Version: Metronome
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I have a modern piece with many different tempos / metronome markings.
I can define the different tempos in MS.
Is it possible that the metronome runs only a fixed number of beats, then stop and restart with the next tempo if I touch "go to “the next Metronome Tempo" set in touch actions settings.

Thanks for help.
I have everything in place to add a "beats per tempo" setting so that you can have the metronome switch between tempos after a certain number of beats. Alternatively, you can use the count in option in the metronome settings, set the number of beats you want it to play for the first tempo, and then when you switch to the next metronome tempo, you will want to hit the metronome play button twice to skip the count in. This is easier if you are using the quick action bar at the bottom right or if you've set one of the touch actions to start/stop the metronome.