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After importing many songs I like to create the Album to group them in order to have in digital format the same printed version, I've just discovered that the songs added to the album are automatically order alphabetically, is it possibile to change this ? In the future if I need to add a new song could I positionĀ it in a specifico order inside the album ? Thank you.
If you need to sort to a specific order, you will need to make a setlist of those charts.
I actually wanted a way to sort albums as well, so I had already created an issue here so I wouldn't forget about it:

I haven't thought through all of the changes that will need to occur to support this, but I don't think it will be too bad to add, as I can copy a lot of the existing setlist code. For me, I like to scan in books, and I find it a little annoying when the songs aren't in the same order as the book, hence why I want to add support for ordering in albums.
Great! One question: which will be the difference between setlist and album after this chance ?
Setlists are used to load all of the songs in the setlist at once, so that you can seamlessly page between them. What I am proposing here for albums would just order the songs differently on the library screen. Of course, you could then just create a setlist from an album if you needed to (long press album->Create Setlist from Songs).
Thank you very much Mike.