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Full Version: Connectivity Issues
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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately I have just started experiencing connectivity issues for the first time.

I just updated to 4.0.6 and companion 1.4.4, the popup pops up as usual but clicking connect just says "Connecting to asus TF300T" and then retries but never manages to connect.

I know there was an issue about this recently, what was the outcome of that?

How is the manual connect supposed to work? I've put in the IP displayed on the connect screen and it says trying to connect to but still doesn't succeed.



Sorry to hear you are suddenly having problems. Every time this occurs for me, I just have to toggle the wifi on my tablet, and that usually fixes it for me. Did you give that a try?

Assuming you did try that, it sounds like you are doing things correctly, so I'm not sure why you are suddenly having issues connecting. I'm still pursuing the ability to connect over USB, and potentially bluetooth, but it will take awhile before those are ready. You can always try a different connection profile if you want to see if ports are the problem.