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Full Version: problems displaying whole set list
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Are there limits to how many lines can be in a set list or the set list's total length? 

I found that in some cases, the last line wasn't displaying in my set of 3 songs. I made numerous small changes to my files to no avail.  I finally lowered the text above one song and that worked.  The songs totaled 18 lines. 

Actually, they are tunes, not songs, so the only text is the tune name and author, on one line, for each tune.  In other words, there are no lyrics to add any extra space.

I try to understand what your problem is...

You have three songs, added as small text files.
You have created a setlist out of these three songs.
Something does not display correctly?
Can you post the text files and a screen dump?

The display problem that occurs for a few particular setlists is that the bottom of the page gets cut off and I can't scroll down to it.

Unfortunately, for the purpose of diagnosing and fixing the problem, I have already found a rather unsatisfying solution. It seems that editing the songs to make them shorter vertically, allows the full song to be displayed. Consequently I can no longer send the pdf files or a screen dump that might have caused the problem.

As you note, the files are short and I wouldn't think that staff height should cause a problem with displaying the whole song. If this occurs again I will take you up on your offer and send you the requested information.

I think I figured this one out.  Apparently the automatic cropping sometimes cuts off the end of a song. Solution: do a manual crop and retrieve the missing portion.
Still sounds like something that shouldn't happen...