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Full Version: Export pdf workaround!
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While waiting for the update and now that Lollipop is totally compatible with bluetooth pedals I've found a new trick that may help some.
As a concert musician I add dynamics, fingerings, repeat instructions (AA BB CC AA for instance) as well as colors in my music, like many of us do.
This of course is all saved in the native Mobilesheets format and can easily be backed up.

If you want to share with others, or print out the music or otherwise for the time being the annotations will not be saved to the original PDF file that you imported.
The workaround that I used previously was to take individual screen shots of each page, save as a photo then import them to my computer via Photos.
This takes a lot of time and when you have 40 pages is a great enterprise.
Lollipop simplifies this a bit and I'll explain how :
1 - Take a screen shot (on a Samsung Galaxy note pro easy with the magic pencil).
A new screen will appear. (attached below)
You can choose "save as" and a number of export possibilities are presented including email - Googledrive - Dropbox.
I personally use Dropbox where I have a folder for screenshots.

Then all is backed up at least virtually with all the annotations.

I'm on Mac and you can then download all the files open in Preview and if you put them in chronological order you'll have a complete pdf file to print out or share with all and everything.

Hope this will be useful to any and all.