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Full Version: Annotations Linking Oddly
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I just noticed this because it is the first time I have had this set of circumstances.

My habit is to write most annotations, like bowing, slurs, dynamics or whatever using the free form pen in the standard blue color. In a piece my orchestra is working on now (Beethoven 9) I did this.

In this particular score it was hard to see the rehearsal letters, so I decided to go through and outline them in green using the rectangle pen.

Now, though, when I attempt to erase one of the blue markings using the eraser if the marking is anywhere near one of the green rectangles it extends the rectangle to wherever I attempted to do the erasure. AND it turns the pen color green. (I leave the pen normally set free form blue, and that's how it is set when the above happens.)

The only way to make it stop,is to quit and restart the program.

I can put together screen shots of the problem if that would help.

Here are the screen shots of what I'm talking about:
I'll definitely look into this as soon as I can. Thanks for posting the screenshots.
(10-08-2015, 02:35 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]I'll definitely look into this as soon as I can. Thanks for posting the screenshots.

I believe it has to do with using the rectangle pen. I was trying to erase a rectangle and it produced the same distortion shown on the screen shots on the other rectangles on the page.

After I finally succeeded in erasing all the rectangles and redrawing them with the freeform tool the eraser tool resumed normal behavior.