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Full Version: 1.2.1 Chordpro not displaying chords
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Just upgraded to 1.2.0 and none of my Chordpro files display the chords - well, one or two do but those only show a couple of random chords and they appear to be in-line.
Where the file uses {soc}{eoc}{chorus} the first chorus is shown in very small type and then subsequent ones in a larger font.
Have some gigs coming up VERY shortly so I'm going to have to convert everything to PDF and hope they display OK. Fortunately I've written some software that will do this so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
Still have to manually assign a music file to each of my (currently) 150+ titles Sad



Can you do me a favor? Open up one of the songs, tap to bring up the overlay and tap the text display settings at the top right (The "A" icon). Switch it to advanced. What text sizes do you have set for all of the different types (lyrics/chords/chorus/etc)? It may help if I can get one of the files you are using so that I can verify it renders correctly. I can get any issues fixed very quickly. When are your gigs?

Hi Mike - text sizes (from Title down) 29 22 22 22 13 13 - then Line Spacing 1.0
Here's a short example:
{t:Blame It On Me}
[D#] [D#] [D#] [D#]

The [D#]garden was blessed by the gods of me and you
[D#]We headed west for to find ourselves some [D#]truth [D]
[C]Oh, what you waiting [G#]for, now what you waiting [D#]for
We [D#]counted all our reasons, excuses that we made
We [D#]found ourselves some treasure and threw it all a[D#]way [D]

The first 4 D#'s display then nothing and then the lone D# after "waiting for" (not the one in between)

Imminent gigs are Friday, Saturday and next Tuesday Smile
If you want more examples I can mail you as many as you'd like - I'll try playing with the font sizes to see
if it makes any difference,

Thanks for the quick response - keep up the good work :-)

Quick update - changing fonts size seems to make no difference - apart from making the text either very small or very large Smile

(10-22-2015, 06:59 AM)IanH Wrote: [ -> ]Imminent gigs are Friday, Saturday and next Tuesday Smile

You're violating the golden rule: Do not update software or anything else on the tablet within a week for a gig...
You'd think after 30+ years in the computer industry I would have learnt by now!! Fortunately, as a backup, I have a cunning plan .....
I just added a new chord pro file using the example you gave, and it looks like this with my settings. Is something wrong with this?

That's what it should look like Mike. Interesting half hour - tried EVERY combination and variation of settings - no difference. Nothing to loose as I couldn't use MSP as is so copied the DB off to my home server (which also holds all the original Chordpro, PDF and music files). Uninstalled MSP and then reinstalled it. Recreated the directories and copied just the Chordpro files across and pointed MSP at them. Everything displayed OK. Deleted the new DB and copied the old one back from the server - lo and behold everything still displaying OK but now with all my original settings.
The only conclusion I can come to is that something had got corrupted within MSP. I'm not familiar with the Android development environment - on my "todo" list. Is the Program just one big file or is it split up into executable and library modules? If the later, is it possible something was left from a previous version that didn't get updated and was incompatible with the new version?
Everything seems to be back to normal now so not a lot we can do to try and figure it out. Just got to go through the pain of linking all the music files to the ChordPro and PDF's - still at the top of my enhancement wish list Smile
Interesting phenomenon - in Text File Settings - turn off Wrap Text and all the chords disappear from a Chordpro page. Turn Wrap Text back on and all the chords reappear - weird huh? Or is that what's supposed to happen?
That is definitely not supposed to happen. I'll have to fix that too - thanks.
I have a fix in place now - thanks.