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Full Version: [1.2.4] Anomality in ChordPro formatting
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See screendumps. The last line of the second verse seems to be interpreted as a chords line, instead of chords+lyrics.
In the second screendump the chords are omitted (using the eye in text display settings dialog) and the line vanishes completely. Not unexpectedly, when chords are shown and lyrics are omitted, the line shows...
Note that there seems to be a space before the first chord of the line, this may be a clue to the solution.

EDIT: Updated topic to actualize. 1.2.1 -> 1.2.4
And another one.
The first one is gone in 1.2.3. The second one is still there.
I didn't address the second one because I couldn't reproduce it, so I thought maybe I fixed it. I will have to figure out what combination of settings will reproduce that on my tablet.