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Full Version: Encoding confusion
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I noticed that some of my ChordPro songs needed an encoding fix (thanks for the feature Smile). I think this is what happened.

All of my songs are encoded using UTF-8. However, for reasons not relevant here, some files got replaced by ISO-8859.1 (Latin1) encoded versions. This was correctly detected by MSPro (I assume since the file could no longer be loaded using UTF-8) and dealt with. Later, the Latin1 version was replaced again by a UTF-8 encoded version. This was not detected by MSPro (every sequence of bytes is valid Latin1). As a result, the UTF-8 encoded file was treated as Latin1, showing all kinds of funny characters.

If this was the case, a fix could be to always try UTF-8 encoding first when a file is refreshed.

However, I must emphasize that I do not think this is a big issue. Only encoding geeks like me will suffer Smile .
I've added some code now to redetect the encoding if a change to the chord pro file is detected.