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Full Version: Excessive space at page end
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I seem to recall we had this problem before, but also that it was solved...
There's excessive whitespace at the end of the page. See screenshot. The final line of the chorus should fit easily.
I'm still suffering from unexpected ChordPro reformatting that a.o. causes annotations to lose their positions. (The annotation stays fixed, but the underlying text moves.)
Attached two screenshots of the same song in a setlist. The first image shows excessive space at the bottom of the page.
Then I turned the tablet to landscape mode, and back again to portrait mode. The result is the second screenshot.
If there had been annotations on the second page, they'd no longer match the text.

Could it be that formatting of a ChordPro song is done once, and then cached? The song in the first screenshot has been formatted by an older version of MSPro that used different formatting algorithms?

EDIT: Note that the reformatting affects all songs in the setlist.
There is a bug present that would affect this if you had the overlay up while rotating the tablet. If you didn't then I really don't know why the formatting changed. I'm going to work on fixing the layout bug caused by having the overlay up while rotating the device. To answer your question, the formatting is definitely not cached. I recalculate all of the formatting any time there is a change (device rotation, font size change, transposition change, etc).

As you can see from the screenshots, the overlay was not up. The bottom (system buttons) is normally hidden as well, but it pops up when I press the screenshot button.
I would be really surprised if there was caching involved, but I'm running out of ideas...
I come across such a behaviour every now and then. As itĀ disappears I can't reproduce it. It notice it when I play withnthe font size to find the best page turn.
I'll have you guys check it out again after the next update as I'm making a number of fixes that will impact how much space is calculated for rendered text files.
Well, I hate to disappoint you...
This is one of my songs after upgrading to 1.3.3.


As you can tell from the annotations, this is the formatting it had when I made the annotations.

This is after a landscape / portrait turn:


To add to the complexity, this song was not okay after the upgrade:


But it is after a landscape / portrait turn:


In all cases, there was initially excessive space at the end of the page, which disappeared after a forced reformat.

... continued ...

To add to the complexity, this song is the first song in a collection:


However, when I "load all" the collection, it looks like:


I sincerely hope this helps you finding the problem.
Thanks for the additional information and screenshots. I'm going to dig up the settings you provided to me awhile back so I can test with the same setup you have. I don't know if it's related, but it might help.

I believe I've tracked down the issue. If the overlay is up when you go back to the library screen and then load a chord pro or text file, it uses the wrong height for the screen (due to some race conditions involving hiding the overlay when the song is loaded). A similar problem happens if the overlay is open when the tablet is rotated from portrait to landscape. If the title bar is always shown, I think the same problem can occur. I have a fix in place for 1.3.4, so hopefully it will all work this time around.

I usually do not have overlay nor titlebar, nevertheless I sincerely hope your fix will cure my problem as well.
Thanks for your ongoing support!
Looks like you nailed it....!
Phew, thanks for letting me know Johan.