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Full Version: Find missing files name
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Perhaps it was just foolish of me. But after changing a number of file names of my song files (mp3s) on my desktop, I transferred over the new song files to replace the current ones on the tablet via mediamonkey. I went into mobile sheets and clicked the Find Missing Files button to see what it did. I read the description and viewed the missing files and though that it basically updated it's own database by removing any linkage to the old song path, so that I could then easily go my setlists and re-add the new songs (mp3s) with the new file names. BUT instead it deleted all the sheet music files not the mp3 files like I thought. I reckon that this button needs to say that it will actually delete the sheet music files. Now I'm going to have to go through and re-add 100 or so sheet music files to my device. argh.

Still love the app though, it's overall a great app.