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Full Version: A Shout Out for MobileSheets
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I love MobileSheets Heart Picked up a Visual Land Prestige 10 about 2 weeks ago added MobileSheets, an Airturn bt105 and my gigging life has been transformed. I used this set up 5 times during the past weekend without a glitch. I'm an acoustic guitar player/singer who plays appreciation dinners, cafes, nursing homes, etc. both solo and with a group. I have added over 200 songs so far and keep an alphabetized song book in the car "just in case". Just can't say enough good things about my experience.
Thanks Cafe Guy, it's great to hear success stories with the app.
Really good i hope you this app works fine, because i'm going to install this very soon, does it make playlists? Because I have some favorite playlist which I used to listen all the time.
(06-17-2013, 11:47 PM)Natasha Wrote: [ -> ]... does it make playlists?

yes it has playlists, they are called "Setlists" within the app, you will see the button at the bottom menu and in the top dropdown menu.