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Full Version: Problem with backup
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I added quite a few new charts, via dropbox (mainly chordpro, where the filename now parses into the title, thanks for that) and then tried to do a backup to my PC.

The transfer did not even start and the screen shot shows what happened.

The offending file (Spinning Wheel) has been on my tablet for a long time and has, therefore, been backed up many times in the past.

I deleted the file from the tablet and tried the backup again.  I got exctly the same error message, despite the fact the file no longer existed.

I've just installed the latest version (1.2.8) and still get the same error message.

I could try a restore from an earlier backup, but that would mean losing all the new stuff and having to re-do all that work - which I'm anxious to avoid, if possible.

Any ideas?
That actually has nothing to do with your tablet or your library. That is referring to SpinningWheel.dll in the MobileSheetsProCompanion directory. It sounds like, for some reason, the file is either missing or it doesn't like the version of the file present. That dll is used to visualize the progress ring that shows while the application is waiting for the backup to finish. Can you try reinstalling the companion app?

Thanks Mike - I uninstalled Companion (actually, I had two versions and deleted both of them) and then re-installed 2.2.2.

Backup is now in progress and seems to be proceeding as expected. Hopefully, all I have to do is re-import the original chart.

The odd thing is this file has been present for a long time and therefore it has been backed up more times than I could say. I have never changed it or added annotations, etc. - it's exactly the same as when first put on the tablet (which is a long time ago).
Everything is back to normal. The first backup proceeded normally, then I replaced the file I had deleted and did a second backup.

For the sake of adding one chart, I had to do a second backup, which took some 20 minutes. This actually highlighted something which we discussed a long time ago - the possibility of introducing incremental or differential backups - and I was wondering if this was still part of the long-term plan?
Just to clarify again - it had nothing to do with the file you were speaking of. It was something that was wrong with the files MobileSheetsPro companion used out of its installation directory.

Incremental backups are absolutely still part of the long-term plan. I just need to find time to work on that once some of these other things are finished.

Thanks Mike - I appreciate this is something which can only be tackled once more important issues are out of the way.

I normally include the audio files in a backup, maybe I should consider not doing so? It's really a belt and braces approach on my part, any audio files are held in a completely separate directory.
If your audio files aren't changing very often, it would probably be more efficient to just zip them up on your computer so you can restore them later if needed. This will obviously only work well if you have them inside of your own directory versus being stored with the song files.