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Full Version: Years, descending order
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This can be ranked high in the list of irrelevant suggestions I take it...

Could the Tab Years be sorted in descending order?
Recent years appearing first, scrolling down to see older years.
Same descending order in the list of the edit mode would make sense, too.

A similar request from my side for the "Setlists" tab!
The names of all my setlists are yyyy-mm-dd_NameOfEventOrLocation
The most relevant ones are the latest ones of course. If I could sort them backwards, the relevant ones would be shown on top of the list and I could keep all the old ones archived without being bothered by frequently needing to scroll down.
I don't think it would be too difficult to enhance the sorting features by providing a way to switch from ascending to descending. I also already planned on adding sorting features to all of the tabs that don't currently have it, so this can be part of that.
That's great, thanks