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Full Version: [1.3] Backup/Restore issues
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After making a backup with option 'backup settings' checked and doing a restore from that file on an other tablet with 'restore settings' UNchecked, both on 1.30, I noticed following issues.

1) the MIDI setting 'MIDI channel' gets restored from the backup, even though 'restore settings' was not checked.
2) the local device path used on the source device to store the backup file, was also restored to the memory of MSPro on the target device. So when I tried to indicate where to get the backup file to use for the SECOND restore, the file browser tried to go to that location (path) - which does not exist on that restore device - so the file browser came with a message that the folder could not be found. I found no way to recover from that, other than to manually recreate the path on the restore device and then try the restore again.
3) on the source device there are no missing files. On the target there are 4 missing jpg files after the restore. This on a total of some 1700 scores. At least one of them has it's jpg file shared over different 2 songs.

Thx for looking in to this

Kind regards
The problem with #1 is due to the fact that an error in my logic is causing me to completely disregard whether that box is checked or not. So until the next update comes out, settings in backup files will always be applied. #2 is also an issue and I have a fix in place. The workaround for now is to tap the three dots at the top right of the file browser and tap "Home" from the menu. This will go back to the default location of whichever source type is selected. #3 is a little more difficult to investigate as I don't know where the problem lies (in the backup or in the restore). Could you please try using the companion to see if you can extract the files for one of the songs that was listed as having a missing file after the restore? After you extract the file, verify that it looks correct. This will determine if the file is present in the backup, and it's an error in the restore logic, or if the files were never backed up and it's an error in the backup logic.

Companion is not able to extract the jpg file from the backup, however it is there. My guess is, the (shared) link to it is corrupt.
What I see for one of the missing files.
On the source device there are two scores S1 and S2. Both refer to the same file \S1\S1_1234.jpg

After restore on the other device
S1 is ok and refers to \S1\S1_1234.jpg
S2 is not ok and the missing files section of MSPro says that the file \S2\S1_1234_5678.jpg cannot be found.
Please note that for score S2, MSPro is looking in the folder \S2\ in stead of in folder \S1\!
As far as I can tell, the other 3 missing scores also have shared jpg files.
I just tried to create a test library for this but couldn't reproduce the problem. This was my approach:

1) Create a new song called S1 using a file called S1_1234.jpg
2) Copy that song and rename the copy to S2
3) Backup the library
4) Restore the backup and see if files are missing

In the storage settings, I have "Create Subdirectories for Songs" checked, "Add Unique Id to Filenames" not checked and "Manage My Files" is on. The storage location is the default and expose database is off. If any of your settings are different, please let me know.

Oops, apparently I was not very clear in my explanation. Sorry for that!

the S1 and S2 are not the actual song names but example songnames.
The _1234 is a representation of a unique ID added by MS.
The _5678 added to the jpg name in the missing file section, is also a representation of a unique ID added by MSPro.

I have "Add Unique Id to Filenames" checked, the other settings are what you describe.
Okay, I was able to reproduce the problem you are seeing and had to fix a number of things related to the unique IDs and potential problems that can be caused with shared files.