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Full Version: Right pedal restart song after last page
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The majority of the music I play for church is either 1 or 2 pages, and on two page songs, I have to bounce back and forth between page 1 and 2 for all the verses. As I sit at the piano, it is sometimes difficult to see my page turn pedals while singing and playing simultaneously, so sometimes, I will hit the wrong pedal by mistake.

Fortunately, you have a checkbox to prevent pedals from changing songs in a setlist...this prevents me from having to back turn twice to correct my mistake.

II was wondering if it would be possible to expand that feature to three options.
While in a setlist, when you reach the end of the song:
1. Prevent any page turns, tap screen to advance to next song (the feature that currently exists)
2. Right pedal will restart song back at page 1. To advance to next song, tap screen on last page.
3. Right pedal advances to next song in setlist

This change will effectively allow me to hit either pedal to go back to the first page, taking the worry out of hitting the wrong pedal.

The same approach can then be taken for the left pedal in advancing to the last page of a song.

Then, the only time I actually have to focus on which pedal I hit will be on the rare occasion that I have a 3+ page song.

Alternatively, I think this behavior could be included in the pedal action drop downs. Something like “next page OR loop to beginning of song if last page" and "previous page OR loop to end of song if first page“
Are you using link points?
No, I'd rather not have to program those into every song in my library if I don't have to.
Use the page order. For a two page three verse song, set the page order to:


Then you only need to use one pedal to advance to the next page, no going backwards necessary.
I have already considered both of the workarounds presented...but...
Again, I'm not wanting to have to edit every single song to do this. My church missal has over 1300 pages...that is a lot of songs to manually edit. A built-in feature is always better than a workaround.

Besides, what about songs (during communion, for example) where I have to repeat indefinitely to fill the time? I frequently will have to do all 4 verses of a song twice (or more!). I can't predict how many duplicate pages I need for that.

If anything, the links are the best current workaround. BUT, it doesn't seem like that far-fetched of a request to me, especially considering that you can already make a single song repeat itself (when NOT in a setlist) when you tap the screen, just not with the pedal.
Actually, although it has no use for me, I thought about it and I think this is quite a neat idea and probably fairly easy for Mike to implement.
Which method would you prefer? It seems like your last suggestion of including new pedal actions would be the simplest for me to add. The other option (changing the current "prevent pedal from changing songs" setting into a list of options) seems like it may not make sense depending upon the actions that have been selected for the pedals. For example, if someone changes it to "Right pedal advances to next song in setlist" but the right pedal is set to "Start/stop scrolling", that doesn't really make a lot of sense. If just adding new pedal actions meets your needs, then I can easily do that for the next update.

Whichever is easiest for you, it probably does make more sense as new pedal actions. Basically, allow a forwards or backwards loop of the song from the first and last pages when you can't go any further.

This will still require the user to tap the screen to advance to the next song in the setlist, which is how I'd prefer to use it anyways, as long as that is easy enough for you to program.

Appreciate the response, I'm very impressed with not only your product, but your support and responsiveness Smile
Then I will go ahead and add those new pedal actions for the next update. Thanks for the suggestions (and the kind words!).

Very good! It will also prevent the involuntary jump to the next song when one just wants to go to the next page. Double hitting the pedal happens rather often, so this is really welcome (most of my pdfs are two pagers). Thanks!
I just see there's a setting for this already (prevent pedal from changing songs)!
MSP is an incredible App...
Thanks for the feature implementation! Works just as I imagined.