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Full Version: Unfortunate discard dialog
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Most dialogs in MSPro are positively oriented, pressing [OK] will cause the most desired result.
There's one exception. When a new song is created and the user hits the system BACK button, the dialog reads "Are you sure you want to discard all changes?". IMHO it would be better to reword this to "Do you want to save your changes?" and swap the meaning of the [Cancel] and [OK] buttons.
However, the latter means that users who are used to the current behaviour may inadvertently start pressing the wrong button.
What do you think would be the best option?
My only concern with making that change is it could cause users to make irreversible changes to their songs accidentally, whereas with the way it is now, they may lose changes, but at least their original song is intact. I'd like to hear feedback from everyone.
Both are a bit off to me. Maybe something along the line of 'Changes Not Saved', with the options of 'Save Changes', 'Discard Changes', or 'Cancel' would keep any confusion to a minimum.
No issues with the current dialog though I'd endorse Skip's suggestion.
I've gone with Skip's suggestion. Here's hoping people like the change...