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Full Version: Import Dir Bug
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Hi Mike,
 I'm still new at and learning the ropes of MSPro. Congratulations for such an excellent and well thought-out app. 
I think I found a bug though.

MSPro remembers the last import or swap directory which is intended and fine.

When i delete the last (remembered) dir from the card for the next import/swap MSPro is stuck in the non-existing dir and I can't change it. I have to restore the dir on the card to navigate out of it.

In this case it rather should go to an existing dir or the root.

(I'm using a Sony Xperia Z4.)

Cheers and merry xmas

Hi Brix,

I have a fix coming for this. I'm just wrapping up the new index file import changes. For now, tap the three dots at the top right and tap "Home" to return to the root directory.

Merry xmas to you too,
Thanks Mike,

well I think I tried tapping anywhere. Maybe I missed the Home Button. Anyway, as I wrote, I helped myself with a temporary recreation of the dir to get out this. 

But I'm really excited  for the new index import feature (if it is the one discussed for importing whole books like realbooks with index files, csv or whatever). 

I prefer managing my folders myself and not to split songbooks into many files. So that's really what I'm still missing to start building my sheets library on MSPro.