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Full Version: Metronome Sounds
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This is just a small thing, but anyway.

I think most of your design and functionality choices are on spot and I can't think of better ones.

Maybe it's just me, but your choice to choose a lower tone to the first click than for the rest of the clicks sounds a bit weird to me.

I'm used to sounds of metronomes (mechanical and digital alike) which have a higher click for the first beat than the rest. Though I certainly can used to the other way round I like high-click-first better.

I suggest (for weirdos) like me to make an option to invert the click sounds, so one can choose how the first click sounds.
I can do that pretty easily. I can just swap which files are used for each. I'll add an enhancement request in bugzilla to add that setting.

I'll 'second' that request. Also, is it possible to increase the volume of the sound clips? I would like to crank it up louder than what my tablet can play so a group of us can hear over our brass instruments