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Full Version: Search fields must be cleared before using back button.
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I was just using the search function on the main library page (funnel icon) and selected a search field (tuning, the custom group, and source). When I pressed the device (P900/Asus) back button, the app closed. I expected it to return me to the main library page from the search results. I tried checking the 'clear filters after load' even though I did not load any songs/setlist, didn'help. I haven't found a way, other than manually clearing the filters, to return to the main library. Have I missed something?
The back button has never been set up to clear any active filters. If you tap on a group (artist, album, genre, key, etc) and then hit the back button, it will return to the first list, but the filters at the top of the screen have never operated that way. You can combine filters with searching groups and their songs, so I'm not sure it would be intuitive if the back button cleared the filters. I'm open to feedback though.