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Full Version: Display settings for portrait vs landscape modes
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With my tablet being a 16:9 ratio, I find that I have spare room in portrait orientation (top and bottom margins) but lack room in landscape mode due to how the pages fit in dual page landscape mode. I think it would be great to have separate display options saved for each orientation that would allow me to keep the nav bar and title bar when in portrait, but go clean screen in landscape to maximize my space. Anybody else think this would be useful?
Alternatively, since landscape dual page leaves wide margins on the sides, perhaps bump the nav bar and title bars to run up and down the sides of the screen so the options are still readily available.
If a lot of users would benefit from saving some of those settings per orientation (such as title bar visibility), I can certainly do that, but I'd need to hear from a lot of people, as doing that would completely change the way in which those settings are specified. I couldn't really use the settings screen for them the way I am now as I would probably need a separate dialog with options per orientation on it.

As far as running the bars down the sides of the screen, I believe I could implement this using some open source code that is available to rotate all of the components. Like most changes though, I'm sure there would be a lot of work involved with making sure everything works properly when those bars are placed on the sides of the screen. I would have to change all of the code that animates those bars out when displaying the overlay, for example. So it would help to know there is significant support for this feature as well before anything is changed.

I would welcome this (bars automatically hidden when in landscape), as the 12.2" screen JUST allows two pages view, and every increase in display size would be appreciated. On the other hand, the settings shouldn't become too intricate. Bars down the sides not required for me, I'd just turn the tablet to see the bar(s) again if needed.
I'd also appreciated icons left/ right when in landscape. My image would be sort of customizable vertical bar so everyone could build a  "personal toolbox" with his own most used commands as icons.
(12-28-2015, 12:36 PM)schnautza Wrote: [ -> ]... dual page landscape mode. ...
It looks like this has been implemented, but I can't figure out how to find it. Are instructions in the manual? I wasn't able to find them browsing the TOC or searching dual page or landscape mode. Thanks?
It's not in Settings. You have to long tap with a song open and you'll see several icons on the bottom left. One of those controls your display settings such as dual page.
Thank you, schnautza. I guess I need more help, as I don't get anything opening at the bottom left. I'm feeling a little helpless today, can't come up with the words to find the info I want. 

I have now figured out that if I turn on a setting to keep the slider always visible with the overlay, I get the full bottom overlay toolbar that has the landscape settings.  And I see that I can now tap the music to make it appear and disappear. But I don't ever really want the slider, just want the popup like you described, on the bottom left, only when I want it. 

Related to that, the floating toolbar that comes up on the bottom right - before I turned the slider on, it recently started coming up as a box, with the metronome symbol on the left, that just turns the metronome on and off. I don't want that. I used to have the toolbar that lets me edit the metronome, just the right side of what's on the toolbar that has the landscape thing on the left. How do I get that floating toolbar? I have the floating toolbar set to display, but it was not displaying. Is there some mode that I'm in that changes these things?

I would be happy to have the slider off, and the full bottom toolbar on, with its appearance controlled by a tap. Or else the floating toolbar at the bottom right, that I used to have, but can't figure out how to get again, though I have it turned on in Settings, and a way to turn on the toolbar on the bottom left that you described. I don't ever want the page slider. 

Thanks for your help.
(10-08-2018, 10:04 AM)Wendy Cutler Wrote: [ -> ]Just to add to my confusion, on the Setlist, when it would be meaningless to have a metronome editing button, I am seeing the floating toolbar that I want to see when I'm looking at a song. But it's not there when I'm in a song.

I'm not sure I fully understand the problems you are facing, but I'll do my best to explain things. First, the floating toolbar at the bottom right of the library screen would serve no purpose once a song is loaded. It has buttons for going back or forward on the library screen, a toggle for performance mode, and a toggle for the filters. The quick action bar at the bottom right corner of the screen when you have a song loaded is meant to be used to quickly access features. You can long press the metronome to view the metronome settings, or tap the metronome icon to start/stop playback. If you don't like the quick action box, you can disable it under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Actions. It sounds to me like you may have performance mode enabled. Tap the "lock" icon in the floating toolbar at the bottom right corner of the library screen or the center of the quick action box to disable performance mode. Then you can tap in the center of a score to bring up the song overlay. From there, you can access the song display settings at the bottom of the overlay. 

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