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Full Version: [Fixed 1.3.1] Song title encoding problems upon import
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Given a file that is Latin-1 encoded with a title directive that contains non-ASCII characters. Upon import, with setting to process the directives, the title ends up double-decoded in the songs list. E.g., "Nürnberg" is entered in the database as "Nürnberg". Note, however, that the song contents (including title) are correctly displayed in song view.
Sciurius' post refers to input from my side, thanks for posting that.
To verifiy and avoid history issues, I created new songs, a setlist, a collection and a source type, all containg German special characters in their names.
The only thing that goes wrong is, as Sciurius already reported, a ChordPro song in ANSI / Latin-1 encoding that is shown with a faulty title.
It shows up in the same wrong way in all MSP lists, in the MSP song editor and in mobilesheets.db when I look into it with an SQLite editor.
The collection, setlist and source type all work correctly.
I have a fix in place for this now - thanks!
It works great now. Thank you very much.