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Full Version: Font not rendered
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I have a score printed as a pdf from Sibelius with all used fonts embedded but when imported into mobilesheets  the Plantin font is not rendered.
(see attached pdf score as output from Sibelius))
I have downloaded that score to my PC, and it does not render correctly in Acrobat Reader. I get the following error when I open it:

Cannot find or create the font 'OpusStd'. Some characters may not display or print correctly.

The time signatures seem to be affected; they are displaying as noteheads.

It seems to mostly render correct using the "Quality" renderer in MobileSheetsPro with my latest code. As Snard has mentioned, the time signatures are rendering incorrectly. I switched to the "Speed" renderer and it actually all shows up correctly. I'm going to be releasing version 1.3.1 very soon (hopefully today) so you will be able to test this yourself.

Interestingly, despite having Sibelius on my PC, so I should have the fonts, it displays incorrectly for me. Looking at the font properties it says

OpusStd - actual font Foxit Sans MM
PlantinMTStd-Italic - actual font Foxit Sans MM
PlantinMTStd-Regular - actual font Foxit Sans MM
TimesNewRomanPSMT - actual font Times New Roman

Looking at a PDF that I have generated from Sibelius the font properties say things like

FPRLIQ+Opus Text (Embedded Subset)

So I'm not convinced you really have embedded the fonts. Maybe you need to check some settings somewhere.
Atril/Evince says that none of the fonts are embeded.