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Full Version: Still issues with BT Pedals and Links
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Hey Mike,

Downloaded V2.5 from the Google Market. Haven't had much time to play with it but did check my pet problem out using lings with bluetooth pedals. Still no joy.

There are still occasion where two pedal presses are required, and apparently the links are executing out of order.

Example: I created three links as follows:

Link 1: From Page 1 to Page 2 (simple page turn)
Link 2: From Page 2 to Page 1 (Repeat back to beginning of song)
Link 3: From Page 1 to Page 2 (page turn after repeat)

Unless I misunderstand, I would expect the sequence above to start on page one, turn to page 2 with the first pedal press, then return to page 1 with the second pedal press, and finally return to page 2 with the third press. (Page sequence 1-2-1-2).

What I see happening is this:

Press 1: Switches to Page Two (Link 1 End Point Displayed)
Press 2: Stays on Page 2 (Link 3 End Point Displayed)
Press 3: Switches to Page 1 (Link 2 End Point Displayed)
Press 4: No Action
Press 5: Switches to Page 2 (No indication of link)
Press 6: "End of Link Points" displayed

If I then hit the "previous" pedal. If get the following responses:

Press 1: Page 1 displayed (No indication of Link)
Press 2: No Action
Press 3: Page Two displayed (Link 3 End Point Displayed)
Press 4: No Action
Press 5: Page 1 Displayed (Link 2 End Point Displayed)
Press 6: "Beginning of Link Point" Displayed

In addition to what is noted above, I'd never expect the end point of a link to be displayed/highlighted when going "backwards". Each previous press should take me to the "start" point of the previous link, correct?

Sorry to be such a one note symphony. But reading about your implementation of links was the deciding factor for me to get MobileSheets AND an Android Tablet. Really hoping we can get this to work.



One additional question. I'm using a Cicada pedal set to send "Page Up" and "Page Down" characters, which I think makes it act the same as an Airturn BT-105. What characters is MoblileSheets expecting to receive? I can set my pedal to several different modes.


Believe it or not Curt, I changed the implementation from something similar to what you are mentioning, to what it is now, which is apparently not what you want. Let me explain how it is currently working:

Each pedal press will take you from a start point to an end point, then the next pedal press takes you to the next start point, NOT to the next end point. It essentially lets you cycle through all start and end points. So if you had set up this arrangement:

Link 1: From Page 1 to Page 3
Link 2: From Page 5 to Page 7
Link 3: From Page 8 to Page 2

Pressing the pedal to go to the next link over and over would result in the following:
page 3 (skips 1 since you start on page 1), page 5, page 7, page 8, page 2

If I implement it the way you seem to want it, pressing the next pedal would just cycle through end points, skipping all start points, resulting in the following:
page 3, page 7, page 2

This might be odd for someone who is using it to skip sections of a large document. They would basically lose the ability to cycle through points. They would instead have to create almost double the link points to make it work, i.e.
From 1 to 3,
From 3 to 5,
From 5 to 7,
From 7 to 8,
From 8 to 2

Also, pressing the pedal to go back to just start points would miss all the end points, which may or may not be what you want, depending on how you plan on using it.

When you just set up link points that go back and forth between two pages, the implementation may seem very odd, as the start and end points are on the same page. Which brings me to my next question: Do you want me to change it back so that it only cycles to end points going forward, and start points going back? It seems like this might significantly limit what you can do with it. Or do you want me to implement code that basically says, if I try to go forward to the next start or end link point, and it's on the same page that I'm currently on, skip it? Or lastly, should I create two separate pedal modes, one that cycles, and one that just jumps to end points going forward or start points going backward? I'm tempted to say either of the latter options are a better choice. Let me know what you think.

I also have the cicada pageflip, so I understand what you are talking about. MobileSheets will accept left arrow/right arrow, up arrow/down arrow, and page up/page down.


You've given me a lot to think about. Clearly I've misunderstood what you are trying to do with the links. Let me play around with what you currently have implemented before I make a knee jerk request. It is possible it with the new understanding of links I can make it work.


Hey Mike,

I've been playing around with your implementation of links a lot. It's just not working for me.

Bottom line is I need a simple way set up sheet music so that I can get through the song structure from start to finish, while changing pages with every pedal press. The current implementation leads to a lot of what I call "dead" presses where internal link pointer moves to the start of a link, but nothing changes on the screen. I find this confusing, especially in a live performance.

I also find that it is often necessary to add two or more redundant links at the bottom of a page for simple page turns (depending on the structure of the song).

So here is, in my opinion, what I would consider be the "ultimate" solution (some of this is already implemented)

1. Links would execute sequentially in the order they are added.

2. The "next" link would only execute if it were on the current page.

3. The start point would exist as a highlighted "reminder" to press the pedal

4. If the "next" link is on the current page, a pedal press would take you directly to the link end point.

5. Upon changing pages and arriving at the link end point, the end point would be temporarily highlighted

6. If the "next" link is not on the current page then a pedal press would default to a simple page turn, i.e. next page.

The "previous" pedal press would act similarly, except it would evaluate if the end point is on the current page, and take back you to the start point, or to the previous page if the link is not present on the current page.

If implemented this way, the end used could add links in a natural order by browsing the music and adding links only for "repeats", "d.c", "d.s", etc. Thinks that are explicitly written. Page changes at the bottom of the pages are "assumed". and would eliminate redundant links for simple page changes.

Hope all this makes sense. And hope you will accommodate me :-)

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.


I think I understand what you want, and can implement it. Would this pedal mode still try to keep track of the link position? Otherwise it wouldn't work with multiple links on the same page (how else would I know which "next" link to activate?). I could really seeing the pedal mode get messed up if you alternated between using the pedal and your hand/finger to turn the page, but I guess that's something users need to be aware of. I'll play around with this for one of the upcoming updates.
Yes, it would still keep track of link positions, and execute them sequentially.

The way I look at it, the pedal executes links sequential access, while tapping the screen is random access. If the user tapped a link, it would execute the link and also update the link position for the pedal - keeping them more or less in sync.