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Full Version: Apple Magic Trackpad as foot pedal
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I've been using an Apple Magic Trackpad (original version) as a poor man's Bluetooth foot pedal on my Nexus 10.  However, I've had some difficulty with it and now can't get it to work.

When I first tried to set it up with MSP, clicking either of the trackpad's buttons only caused the interface to show and hide while viewing music - the click was registering in the center of the screen.  This was happening no matter which options were enabled in the settings (Enable USB Mouse Processing, Swap Mouse Click Actions, Treat Mouse Click as Pedal Press).  Sometime later, through no apparent doing of my own, it started working, although clicking only caused it to scroll down, not up.  Since then I've wiped and reset the tablet and now I'm back to square one.

Full disclosure: went from Android 5.1.1 stock to 6.0.1 rooted, but as far as the trackpad goes nothing seems different than it was on 5.1.1.

I searched the forums and couldn't find evidence of anyone else using the Magic Trackpad in this way. Any ideas?